Dimanche dans les Cantons

Sunday in the Townships

On Sundays during the summer, explore the Eastern Townships from a whole new angle on this tour that will introduce you to the history, architecture, culture, spirituality and peaceful scenery of this magnificent region. This tour includes 16 heritage sites that will allow you to follow the traces of British, U.S., French and Indigenous heritage, which are all still very much present.

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Historical discoveries
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At the crossroads of history and religion, a multitude of captivating sites and places of worship are great starting points for learning about the rich heritage of this region. In the hamlet of Way’s Mills, the Church of the Epiphany and Union Church act as witnesses of the Townships’ colonial past in the early 19th century, while a visit to the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac gives you a look at the lives of the monks who continue to live in this peaceful and spiritual place to this day.

In the municipality of Piopolis, you’ll be fascinated by the history of the Papal Zouaves, the defenders of Pope Pius IX who founded the village and earned it the nickname “Pope’s Town”. The township of Lingwick promises an immersion in the Scottish heritage of a community where the Presbyterian religion has left an indelible mark. Stop off at the Galerie d’art du Presbytère, in Saint-Vital, an art gallery that combines art exhibitions and religious history, or at the Saint-Antoine Chapel in the township of Saint-Camille, where interpretation panels reveal the history of this unique place that holds so many memories.

Architecture and heritage
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The Musée de l’ardoise (Museum of slate) is located in the heart of the town of Richmond’s Saint-Paul Church. The church’s unique architecture combines a slate roof and spire with a spectacular glass roof as a tribute to both the region’s slate-making history and the modernization of Quebec culture and religious art. Another architectural treasure awaits you in Sherbrooke at the Saint-Michel Basilica-Cathedral, where you can explore the crypt and rood screens, or listen to the sound of the Casavant organ. You’ll also be charmed by the Saint-Georges-de-Windsor Church, which displays a unique style of interior architecture and statues.

Music and performing arts
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If you’re looking to fill up on music, theatre and culture, head for the Centre le Camillois de Saint-Camille, a former church built in 1881 and converted into a multifunctional centre with extraordinary acoustics in 2017. Music lovers will adore the Concerts de la Chapelle series that features the most renowned local and international Baroque musicians as well as young talents specializing in this style of music that dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Each of the six concerts in this series is followed by convivial exchanges with the artists. If you prefer theatre, the play Fous comme des balais (in French only) is sure to please kids and adults alike. This creation by the duo “Les broches à foin” invites you to follow the whimsical story of two travellers with clownish personalities who find themselves in an abandoned church and humorously rediscover old and modern children’s games.

Outdoor activities
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To combine history, heritage and the great outdoors, a pilgrimage on the Mini Compostelle Mégantic trail promises myriad spiritual and cultural experiences as you come across mountains, churches and an inspiring art gallery. Speaking of mountains, the Mont Saint-Joseph Sanctuary, perched at an altitude of 1,075 m in the heart of Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, not only offers spectacular views, but also recounts the story of the region’s colonization.

For a unique sensory experience, the Aux cinq sens eco-lodging site invites you to reconnect with nature by communicating with the spirit of the forest on a podcast, during which you’ll discover various facets of ancestral Indigenous wisdom. To round off the day, soak up a dose of nighttime magic at the Sainte-Agnès Church in Lac-Mégantic, which lights up beautifully as night falls. If you prefer to explore during the day, be sure to visit the Croix lumineuse (luminous cross) park, just across the street, for a contemplative stroll blending greenery and city views.


 Un couple jouant une scène de théâtre avec passion et émotion sur scène, exprimant leurs talents artistiques.

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Shaped by a long history and numerous traditions, the Eastern Townships are home to a wide range of religious and heritage sites that bear witness not only to the 18th- and 19th-century English colonial period, but also to a vibrant spiritual and cultural diversity. These sites, now considered…

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