Vierge Cap Trinité sur le Sentier Notre-Dame
Photo credit: OTQ - CLAUDE P. CÔTÉ

Recharge your batteries on a trip with Spiritours

Sometimes, you need to get away in order to find yourself and leave your worries behind. Spiritours is a tour operator specialized in the organization of spiritual vacations and pilgrimages that is committed to responsible, sustainable tourism and solidarity. These trips are open to all, and are organized for small, manageable groups that can be adequately supervised by the guide. Spiritours also encourages Slow travel: trips made at a slower pace that allow participants to get back in touch with themselves, connect with others and fully immerse themselves in the places they visit. What more could you ask for!

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So many good reasons to travel with Spiritours
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For nearly 20 years, Spiritours has been a pioneer in the spiritual travel industry and the reference in French-speaking Canada for the organization of pilgrimages and retreats. Contributing to the positive transformation of people’s lives through personal and spiritual growth, Spiritours is a member of the Economy of Communion, which places human beings at the heart of its priorities instead of profit. This agency also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable tourism, having partnered for the past 12 years with Planetair, a leader in climate change awareness.

Go on a beneficial pilgrimage to Lac-Bouchette
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Let yourself be charmed by the spiritual oasis that is the Saint-Antoine Hermitage on the Pèlerinage un esprit saint dans un corps sain (A healthy mind in a healthy body pilgrimage, link in French only), from September 9 to 11, 2022. Located on the shores of Lake Bouchette, the Saint-Antoine Hermitage includes a tower, the chapels and the Saint-Michel Archange grotto, a replica of the one in Lourdes. You will also be able to attend mass, see the new multimedia show Origine (optional) and walk along the paths to walk in an atmosphere of peace and beauty. In addition, visits to the Val-Jalbert Historical Village and the Saint-Félicien Zoo are included!

Take an inspiring walk on the Notre-Dame Kapatakan Trail
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Have you heard of the Notre-Dame Kapatakan Trail, also known as “the little Compostelle of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean”? It begins at the statue of Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay and ends at the statue of Notre-Dame de Lourdes at the Saint-Antoine Hermitage, for a total distance of 230 km. During these five days of walking, from September 15 to 20, 2022, you will discover beautiful scenery and breathtaking landscapes, including those of the Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay. Exploring themes of wonder and encounters, the Voyage de marche sur le Sentier Notre-Dame Kapatakan (Walking tour on the Notre-Dame Kapatakan Trail, link in French only) provides a unique and safe experience while encouraging Quebec tourism.

Photo credit: Ermitage Saint-Antoine-de-Lac-Bouchette
Photo credit: Michel Julien
Discover Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean
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Peace, tranquillity, relaxation and discovery. Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is a popular destination for travellers looking to embark on a spiritual or religious journey. This region is known for its diverse and generous nature, delicious regional cuisine, impressive natural beauty and sites that inspire serenity.

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